Teeing off is now an out-of-this-world experience!

Planet Golf, from Nextwave Multimedia, is a multiplayer mobile golf game that is uniquely designed to give you a never-before gaming experience. In your race to the hole, you can play real-time against 11 opponents on a planet-shaped golf course. Play across multiple randomly generated mini planets to provide a unique course each time. Unlock and upgrade a range of clubs that function differently in different planetary settings, and equip yourself with a distinctive and colourful a ball skin.

Planet Golf offers you a host of lively features. Unlock unlimited worlds, earn coins by participating in the
tournaments, enjoy visually stunning graphics, indulge in exciting and easy gameplay with simple controls, and unlock & upgrade an arsenal of Golf Clubs and Ball Skins.

Planet Golf is yet another innovative rollout from Nextwave Multimedia – a company that always strives to delight gamers with refreshing gaming experiences.

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