The Big Red Signal for Ranji Trophy and the Fans have Started to Sweat Pain

There are several challenges in organising a cricket tournament during this covid-19 pandemic. Biosecure bubbles can be easily done for a small tournament, but the Indian domestic structure has 38 teams playing, which makes it really difficult to have a tournament amidst the pandemic. Therefore, there should be no more wastage of money and health. With such a situation in hand, the Indian domestic season 2020-21 has been under a threat and its a zero, no-go for the ranji trophy. 

What did the board say?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has given the green signal to organize the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament and in the light of this, there were speculations regarding the Ranji Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy. As per reports published on Sportskeeda and other major sites. The BCCI has finally decided to not stage the Ranji Trophy this season, as it is close to impossible to organize the premier first-class tournament. The decision was made during the board’s apex meeting on Sunday. Even though Ganguly wanted this to happen, it can’t be done and it’s too risky. 

Can’t do the Biosecure bubble. 

According to the source, it is not possible to create a biosecure bubble for 38 teams. 

“We’re just being practical. Let’s face it – the pandemic still hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s here and our lives continue to remain dispossessed by it. There are 38 First Class teams and a bio-bubble of that degree is simply not possible,” a source revealed as quoted by the Times of India. 

With such a grave situation on-hand, to host any domestic cricket is always going to be a major challenge for the BCCI, considering it had successfully hosted the eight-team Indian Premier League (IPL) in the UAE without any hassles. Biosecure is not that of a practical method to host the game. “The overriding fear was about giving the impression that the BCCI was comfortable hosting the IPL but not Ranji. That the BCCI was comfortable shifting the IPL to another country, but not any other domestic tournament. The fear that accusations like “step-brotherly treatment is being meted out to the First-Class cricketers vis-à-vis the IPL cricketers” would become an issue. According to T.O.I. 

Ranji trophy is Ranji trophy. 

Ranji Trophy for India is a part of history and a huge emotion. It is something which fuels a huge crowd. Therefore, the risk which the crowd would face is something hard and dangerous. The BCCI can’t erase these factors and put the game on the turf. “Indian cricket cannot afford a large-scale worry of that sort” Sources say. 

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