Tiffany Stratton Wins Women’s MITB Ladder Match

The Women’s Money in the Bank 2024 briefcase was eventually converted into Tiffy in the Bank after Tiffany Stratton managed to win the ladder match for it and cemented her position to become a future champion. She will now have 365 days starting from tonight to cash in the won-MITB ladder match contract.

As the Money in the Bank 2024 briefcase holder, Stratton can call a shot at either the WWE Women’s Championship or Women’s World Championship at any point within the aforementioned timespan. This women’s championship match can go down at any time and any place that she wants.

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In the second-last bout of Money in the Bank 2024 PLE, Tiffany Stratton defeated IYO SKY, Chelsea Green, Lyra Valkyria, Naomi, and Zoey Stark to win the 2024 Women’s MITB Ladder Match. Green got some big reactions in front of her hometown audience in Toronto every time, she went closer to reach the briefcase.

Eventually, she had the briefcase in her grasp in the finishing sequence until Stratton pushed her ladder over to make her fall through two tables set up outside recreating Green’s moment from the Queen of the Mountain match in TNA Wrestling. Stratton then unhooked the briefcase to become the winner of the Money in the Bank 2024 ladder match winner.

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Money in the Bank 2024: Tiffany Stratton hints at a future feud

Down the road, the expectation is that Tiffany Stratton will be able to successfully cash in this Money in the Bank 2024 contract which should begin her first title reign on the main roster. Previously, she held the NXT Women’s Championship before getting the call-up on the main roster at Royal Rumble, earlier this year. At present, Bayley is the current WWE Women’s Champion on the Smackdown brand of which Stratton is also a part.

After this big win at Money in the Bank 2024, Tiffany Stratton appeared in a backstage segment with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, who was also the host of the latest bygone WWE PLE, and bragged about how Trishy Time should be replaced with Tiffy Time and thus indicated a future feud between the two.

WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque also tweeted out a photo with Stratton and congratulated her on this victory at Money in the Bank 2024 which should navigate the 25-year-old WWE female star’s career in a different direction.

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