Traffic changes for World Cup final

The finals of the ICC Cricket Men’s T-20 World Cup will be held at
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies. There will also
be a special event held in the environs Holborn Circle on Saturday
29 th June, 2024. As a result of this event, there will be a number of
traffic changes on the day.


  1. On Saturday 29th June 2024 between 11:30 am and 9pm known
    as the relevant date and time, no vehicular traffic will be permitted to
    travel onto the sections of road known as, Holborn Circle and
    Prescod Boulevard.
  2. During the relevant date and time, all vehicular traffic travelling
    along The Mighty Grynner Highway towards Bridgetown will be
    diverted at the junction with Exmouth Gap, to travel along Westbury
    road or Goodland main road, St. Michael.
  3. During the relevant date and time, Park & Ride shuttle buses will
    be allowed to travel along The Mighty Grynner Highway to its junction
  4. Rihanna Drive where they will be diverted to make U- turn onto the
  5. north bound traffic lane to travel in the opposite direction.
  6. During the relevant period, no vehicular traffic will be permitted to
    travel onto Prescod Boulevard road from the Elsie Payne roundabout.
  7. During the relevant period, only authorized PSVs will be allowed
    to park on the compound of the Central Purchasing Department and
    only right turns are permitted on their exit of Central Purchasing
  8. Authorized PSVs will be allowed to exit The Central Purchasing
    Compound at the rear gate onto The Mighty Grynner Highway.
  9. From 6am until 9pm on the relevant date, Wharf Road from its
    junction with Bridge Street to its junction with Prince Alfred Street, St.
    Michael will be used to accommodate traffic in both directions (one
    lane in each direction). This change will be highlighted and delineated
    with use of retro-reflective signs and cones.
  10. As with other match days, Lakes Folly will experience higher
    volumes of traffic leaving the city, motorists can travel through Lakes
    Folly, to Mason Hall Street, to Baxters Road and then to points north
    and east.

The Broad Street Mall is a Saturday street market to showcase
entrepreneurs. The market closes Broad Street from Prince William
Henry junction to Middle Street junction.
The current format requires a complete street closure to vehicular
traffic and alternate arrangements have been made for Fire Service
access if necessary.
As Broad Street is the major west to east city route, it’s closure
requires diversion of traffic to Prince William Henry Street and from
there to Whitepark Road.
This event is generally scheduled to run from 9am to 6pm and
requires a closure from 5am to 9pm for set up and removal.

Routed Public Service Vehicles
Public Service Vehicles which include President Kennedy Drive on
their routes must now all leave Princess Alice/Cheapside Terminals
via Lakes Folly and return to the Princess Alice/Cheapside Terminal
via Baxters Road/Tudor Street/Chapel Street.

Police Officers will also be deployed on the day, to assist with all
traffic management.

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