Triple H drops hints at possible date for Roman Reigns’ return to WWE

Roman Reigns has been credited as one of the biggest WWE superstars of the modern era and, perhaps, of all time. He ruled the global juggernaut for nearly four years with his impressive reign as the World Champion. However, ever since he dropped the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40, Reigns has been absent from WWE television, with current CCO Triple H dropping a hint regarding his return.

During a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Triple H clearly stated that Reigns was The Tribal Chief, no matter who claimed the title. He further spoke about the current dynamics of the Bloodline and Jacob Fatu’s game-changing debut recently on SmackDown.

“When you talk about the Tribal Chief, you’re talking about Roman Reigns no matter who lays claim to that now,” Triple H said, referring to Solo Sikoa. “You see The Bloodline carrying on. You see Solo putting himself out there as The Tribal Chief.”

What did Triple H say about Roman Reigns’ return?

Moreover, Triple H also stated that the new Bloodline dominance would go on until a return happens, pointing towards Roman Reigns and hinting that all these compelling storylines would blow up at SummerSlam.

“You see that shift of, ‘We’re running the show now. This is the new Tribal Chief. This is the new Head of the Table. This is where this is headed.’ That’s only going to last for so long before there is a return [of Roman Reigns]. I can only imagine. Let’s hope Heyman’s nerves can take it. […] You can really feel both shows ramping up as we come into summertime and we head into SummerSlam where all those stories will blow up.”

However, with Roman Reigns recently losing his father, Sika, his WWE return plans may get derailed or extended to further date than the one speculated.

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