WWE May Be Introducing Two Brand New Titles For Their Women’s Division

The Women’s division has received a massive facelift ever since Triple H has taken over the industry. A new rumour around the block include that WWE may be introducing two new titles for the women in the upcoming days under his watch which will not just be limited to one brand but both the SmackDown and the Raw banners, giving a new shape to the WWE Women’s division.

It was first reported by PWN on X and then Fightful Select picked it up adding that with the kind of names in the roster for the women at the moment,, somehow two championship namely the Women’s championship and the tag team championship just dish out true justice to the entire scenario.

As per the reports, the latest additions to the already bloated list of the titles include Women’s United States Championship and the Women’s Intercontinental Championship. Sami Zayn currently holds the Men’s IC title while Logan Paul currently holds the men’s United States championship.

Truth be told, WWE had already savoured a fine run with a secondary women’s championship in their developmental brand, NXT. With the NXT North American championship being in the run, Keilani Jordan is the current title holder and also went onto defend the gold around her waist against Sol Ruca at NXT Heatwave.

A look at the existing Women’s championships on WWE

At the moment, the championships in the women’s division are being held by Liv Morgan, Bayley, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. Liv Morgan is the women’s champion on Raw, Bayley holds it in SmackDown while Fyre and Isla Dawn rules the roost as the tag-team champion.

With the return of Rhea Ripley last night, the entire drama simply took a higher leap as now the Eradicator will be challenging for the Women’s championship that she vacated on her way out. However, apart from the title, the current storyline that WWE has forged between Liv and Dominik Mysterio makes it even better to narrate.

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