WWE’s Giulia Expected For July 13 Marigold Show Recuperating From Hand Injury

The Japanese wrestling star power Giulia arrived at the WWE NXT Stand & Deliver event during the Wrestlemania 40 weekend and the appearance took the wrestling world by surprise. After uncertain career status for some time, she did take a major step forward in her career by signing with the juggernaut wrestling promotion that WWE is and she was supposed to start in early summer.

Soon after, Giulia suffered an injury last month and fans were dubious about her in-ring return for the upcoming Marigold event. For the time being, her in-ring return status for the show run by Rossy Ogawa has been revealed and it’s something positive.

WWE’s Giulia Cleared For In-Ring Competition Ahead Of July 13 Marigold Event

Marigold Summer Destiny event is set for July 13, 2024, and a highly anticipated match was previously announced for Giulia which should mark her in-ring return. In the double main event of the night, Giulia will face Sareee, while WWE’s IYO SKY will take on Utami Hayashishita.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the in-ring return status of the currently injured female star for the event, and noted that she is planning to participate in the match, despite the recent surgery on her hand,

“The last I heard Giulia was saying she was going to do the match, you know she did have surgery, it’s going to be a close call but right now that’s the double main event.”

Giulia possibly getting ready for multiple summer appearances

Previous reports also claimed that WWE officials were hopeful about receiving Giulia on the card of the next WWE NXT premium live event set for July 7, Heatwave 2024 at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as part of the Money in the Bank weekend. But she wasn’t available for that night as the WWE team didn’t medically clear her for the show.

Irrespective of her current status, WWE plans to introduce Giulia on NXT television and present her as a face to be reckoned with. The good thing is that signs of progress in her recovery are positive and she should be ready to barge into the NXT scene when the time is right. Speculations are there that she might surpass fellow countrywoman Asuka’s strong status on NXT.

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