Are Women Better Gamblers Than Men

Are Women Better Gamblers Than Men

Gender inequality is a heinous crime. online gambling Malaysia Nonetheless, we all have a latent desire to turn the sexes against one another. Although male vs female gambling does not seem to be the most compelling contrast, genders do have an intrinsically different approach to games of chance or ability. MMC996 Malaysia

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It becomes even more intriguing when you remember Maria Konnikova, a creative writer and psychologist who might be our greatest source of insight into the mind of a female gambler. If Konnikova really gambles is another matter entirely, but she provides us with an excellent idea of how male and female gambling habits manifest and whether they are encoded.

What Is The Distinction?

The research is there; we just need to figure out how to do it. Before we transform this into a war of the sexes – which no one deserves – there is some compelling literature that has explored how male and female gamblers view games of chance. According to Stoltenberg S, men and women gamble in somewhat different ways.

You may assume this is biassed, but Stoltenberg used some fairly reliable data readings to suggest that men in the United States bet more often, win more, and lose more. Surprisingly, another study conducted by Winters K revealed that gambling is very common. According to the report, 91 percent of all college men and 84 percent of all college women have engaged in any form of gambling.

Terms Of Exposure

In terms of exposure, there are no winners, and all genders seemed to be roughly equal in the report. However, as you remember the prevalence of gambling addiction, questions get more complicated. A reported 4.2 percent of all males, compared to 2.9 percent of women, exhibit symptoms of gambling addiction.

A notable distinction emerges as gamblers appear for the first time. Young men who are only getting started with gambling 14 percent of men were gambling at problem rate compared to just 3 percent of women.

The only significant difference between male and female gambling is that males are more likely to participate in a form of gambling, considering the fact that all genders seem to be equally exposed to it.

 A Battle Of The Intellects

It’s not about exposure or participation levels. If you want the raw, unpolished, bloody facts, you must use real-life illustrations. Who wins in male vs. female gambling? In The Hendon Mob, the all-time poker live winnings ranking will be Daniel Negreanu, who has a fortune of $42 million. Nonetheless, Maria Konnikova might be a clear example of how men and women compare on the green felt.

Of course, Konnikova is a Harvard University alum with a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University, but she’s a cut above the average male gambler. However, this is when things start to get interesting. Konnikova, as a psychologist, is the right one to tell you how female and male gamblers vary.

Superior Bluffs

When you pit male and female gamblers against one another, you’re no longer trying to figure out how genders respond to apparently unpredictable incidents like the outcome of a slot machine or the outcomes of a horse race.

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In the opposite, you are putting two groups of players together that aren’t used to playing against one another. Although most gambling games, from the lottery to bingo, are social in nature, some, such as poker, may be about ego.

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