India record in knockouts of T20 World Cup

India record in knockouts of T20 World Cup

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India record in knockouts of T20 World Cup: Team India has secured a spot in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup for the fifth time after a decisive victory over Australia in their last Super 8 match.

The ‘Men in Blue’ have maintained an unbeaten streak in the tournament so far, positioning themselves as strong contenders for the championship. However, excelling in the league stage is quite different from succeeding in the knockout rounds, where every game is a must-win. As India gets ready to face England in the semi-final of the T20 World Cup 2024, it’s worth examining their past performances in knockout stages.


India’s performance in T20 World Cup

Host and Year Round Position
South Africa 2007 Champions 1/12
England 2009 Super 8s 7/12
Cricket West Indies 2010 Super 8s 8/12
Sri Lanka 2012 Super 8s 5/12
Bangladesh 2014 Runners-up 2/16
India 2016 Semi-finals 4/16
United Arab Emirates Oman 2021 Super 12s 6/16
Australia 2022 Semi-finals 3/16


India’s record in knock out stage

India were the first champions of the tournament’s inaugural season. However, since their victory in 2007, the Indian cricket team has not clinched another title. They have reached the semi-finals twice and made it to the final just once after 2007. Most recently, India was eliminated in the semi-finals by Australia. India’s only semi-final win came in 2014 in Bangladesh, but they were defeated by Sri Lanka in the final by 6 wickets.


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