Latest ICC Women’s Team Ranking

Earlier women’s cricket was not as popular as Men’s cricket. But fortunately, it has become as eminent as men’s cricket nowadays. Women are playing cricket frequently comparing to the past. For the incrementing craze, many companies are coming forward to support women’s cricket. Let’s have a look at the current ICC Women’s team ranking

ICC Women’s ODI Ranking 2024

In ODI Australia is topping the chart with 163 ratings, followed by South Africa, England, and India. Over the years Australia has played some good quality cricket in order to be at the top. Australia even has won the ICC Women’s World Cup 6 times. But the last edition of the World Cup, which was hosted by England, was conquered by the home team (England).

Rank  Team  Rating 
1. Australia  163
2. England 129
3. South Africa  110
4. India  101
5. Sri Lanka 98
6. New Zealand  96
7.  West Indies  86
8. Bangladesh  79
9. Thailand 68
10. Pakistan  65

ICC Women’s T20I Ranking 2024

T20 cricket is the new normal in Women’s cricket too. Like men cricket in order to enhance the level of Women’s cricketers up to T20 standard many franchise cricket league has been begun. But, Australia is dominating the shortest format also with 291 ratings. England is at the 2nd spot, followed by India at the 3rd. The last T20 Women’s World Cup was won by Australia in 2020. 

Rank  Team  Rating 
1. Australia  294
2. England  283
3. India  263
4. New Zealand  255
5. South Africa  242
6. West Indies  237
7.  Sri Lanka 230
8. Pakistan 218
9. Bangladesh  199
10. Ireland  181

ICC Women’s Test Ranking 2024

ICC Women’s Test Ranking 2024 will be updated soon.

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