Lockdown Series Part 2: Current Best ODI XI

Lockdown Series Part 2: Current Best ODI XI

Welcome to part 2 of the Lockdown Series. Today, we will discuss the current best XI in ODI Cricket. Disclaimer: Only International statistics will be analyzed.  

Rohit Sharma's stroke-filled 159

1) Rohit Sharma –

A is a must include in the current ODI XI. Averaging 49.27 in 217 innings with 43 50s, 29 100s, and three 200s, Rohit Sharma enjoys mindblowing numbers any batsman would dream having. His most famous records include five centuries in a single World Cup edition, the most amount of double centuries in the format, and the highest score in the format (264). 

Jonny Bairstow keen to reclaim test wicketkeeping spot for England ...

2) Johnny Bairstow –

Post the humiliation in the 2015 World Cup, England has tried out a different approach to ODI Cricket. While old horses like Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, and Alaistair Cook were axed, in came new faces like Jason Roy and Johnny Bairstow. And you know what they say –“The rest is history.” With the ability to cream the gaps and tonk the ball into the stands, Bairstow has made a serious case for himself. He averages 48 and strikes the ball at an astonishing strike rate of 104. A pair like Rohit Sharma and Johnny Bairstow would compliment each other well. While one could take off from the word go, the other will most certainly have the time to pile up the runs slowly but surely.

Virat Kohli Reveals One Of His Aims In Life, It Has Nothing To Do ...

3) Virat Kohli –

AKA King Kohli AKA GOAT. The maestro of the chase, Kohli, averages a stratospheric 99 when chasing. The run-machine averages a near 60 in the format at a healthy strike rate of 93. Often referred to as one of the greatest batsmen of all time, Kohli may even be the best batsman ODI Cricket has ever seen. Commonly referred to as the robot, king Kohli is known for shattering records. We all know it’s just time before Kohli surpasses Sachin Tendulkar’s – the God of Cricket – statistics (though we all know it’s unfair to compare two legends from different eras).  


More of Ross Taylor please | RNZ News

4) Ross Taylor –

The most underrated cricketer in the current era, Ross Taylor, has always been under the shadow of his Kiwi counterpart: Kane Williamson. His statistics, on the contrary, have been compelling, but have never seemed to have drawn attention. Averaging 48.18 in the format, Taylor has often been overlooked due to his lower strike rate of 83. However, in recent times, he has managed to overcome this hurdle and has started striking at a strike rate of 90+. “In need of the hour, Taylor is your go-to man.” Over the years, Taylor’s USP (Unique Selling Point) has been to perform in big matches, i.e., the knockout matches. Let it be the World Cup 2015 or World Cup 2019 or matches against more significant nations, Taylor has never flattered to deceive. With Taylor going strong, it looks unlikely that he will retire before the 2023 World Cup in India. And when he does retire, he will retire as one of the most unsung heroes in the history of cricket.    

Ben Stokes writes his redemption story with World Cup tour de ...

5) Ben Stokes –

“Cut away. Cut away for four. What an innings. What a player. Take a bow, Ben Stokes. The Ashes are well and truly alive because of one cricketer.” Nasser Husain had a lot to say about the man of the hour – Ben Stokes. Regarded as the best all-rounder in current times and on his way to becoming a legend, Ben Stokes is another must in the XI. Versatility should be his middle name as his ability to build partnerships, score at the backend of the innings, take wickets in the middle phase, and bowl at the death is unparalleled. His temperament under pressure is what makes him the player he is today, and the World Cup 2019 Final and the test match at Headingly are excellent examples. 

MSD — a hit at Wankhede - The Hindu

6) MS Dhoni – 

“Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd. India lifts the World Cup after 28 years. The party has begun in the dressing room.” These iconic lines by Ravi Shastri will forever remain etched in the minds of every Indian Cricket fan. Call him Mahi, MSD, Captain Cool, the fact that Dhoni is the greatest wicketkeeper-batsman in the history of cricket is non-negotiable. His ability to finish off games in a grand manner is what makes Dhoni “Captain cool.” With his experience and temperament at disposal, I have no doubt MSD would be the perfect captain and finisher for my dream XI.

ICC World Cup 2019: Players to watch out for - Rashid Khan

7) Rashid Khan

Often called Prince Charming of Afghanistan, Rashid Khan has seen a remarkable rise in his career in the past 4-5 years. A decade ago, Afghanistan was part of Division 5 of the world cricket league. Today ranked in the top 10 cricketing nations, Afghanistan has Rashid Khan to thank for this rise. Sold for millions of USD across the globe in different T20 leagues, Rashid is no less extraordinary in the longer format. 133 wickets from 70 matches at an average of 18.55 and an economy of 4.16 are statistics incredibly insane!!

Ian Bell EXCLUSIVE: England must pick Jofra Archer for the Ashes ...

8) Jofra Archer 

A year ago, I would have never imagined Archer to be in my dream team. But here we are today, with Archer being one of the most feared bowlers in the eyes of the batsmen. Not many bowlers have the natural talent of running a few meters and consistently being able to bowl steamy bouncers at the batsman’s head at 145 km/hr. Averaging under 25 at an economy of around 4, Jofra Archer has impressive numbers on his side: what is not on his side is experience. However, in the last year, Archer has shown immense potential by thriving in high-pressure situations and staying calm and composed when necessary. In my eyes, he remains to be a bowler every batsman should be wary of.

Mitchell Starc Profile - ODI Cricket Records, Stats, IPL Career ...

9) Mitchell Starc 

Everyone remembers Mitchell Starc’s memorable 2015 World Cup journey, where he tore through every single batting lineup with his fiery yorkers. What most people don’t remember is the fact that his World Cup 2019 was equally good, if not better. Averaging 22 at an economy of 5.1, Starc has always been hailed as the best bowler of current times. His injuries have cost him a lot of game time, but in most cricket eyes, he’s the bowler you would want in your dream team.  

Choose rest over County cricket, Wasim Akram's advice to Jasprit ...

10) Jasprit Bumrah

There was once a time when Lasith Malinga reigned supreme in all formats. He was known as the yorker king then, but now times have changed. His disciplined disciple, Jasprit Bumrah, has taken his place as the new “Yorker King.” Averaging 24 at an economy under 5, Bumrah, in most cricket fan’s eyes, is the best bowler for the backend. His ability to bowl yorkers at ease is what makes him a standout bowler and a bowler to be feared. With Starc, Archer, and Bumrah for the over upfront and the backend, I feel confident that this pace battery will provide wreak havoc in any batting lineup. 

Yuzvendra Chahal credits being excellent at chess for teaching him ...

11) Yuzvendra Chahal

Surprised? Don’t be. Chahal is easily the most underrated spinner in the modern era. Averaging 25 at an economy of 5, Chahal has shown that even a venue like M Chinnaswamy, RCB’s home ground, is a place where bowlers can thrive. The toss-up was between Tahir and Chahal, and the one feature about Chahal, which gave him the upper edge, is the bravery to toss up the ball even the situation is not going his way. The mindset to constantly search for wickets would be a constant theme featuring in my team, and an aggressive approach would work best with my bowling lineup. 

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