Most Losses In T20 International

In this world of T20 frenzy, you can never guess who is going to be the winner in a T20 match. This is how unpredictable this format is. A team has to be very decisive to win a match in a crunchy situation. More than 10 good teams now compete in T20 internationals with fighting intent. In the history of T20 cricket, Pakistan has played the most matches, 244, followed by India and New Zealand with 224 & 220 T20I games. Let’s check the list of teams with the Most Losses In T20 International.

West Indies has Most Losses In T20 International


Bangladesh finds itself in the top position in terms of the most losses in T20 international with 104 losses in 176 games. It’s not surprising to see them here with the brand of cricket they play.

West Indies

The two-time World Champion, West Indies has the second most losses in T20 international. Having played 202 matches, the Red Army lost 101 matches. The most proficient men of this format were never expected on such an embarrassing tally. 

Sri Lanka

The 2014 T20 World Cup Champion, Sri Lanka has lost 100 games in 192 T20Is, which is the 3rd most loss by any team.


Our Blue Army India has lost only 68 games out of 225, which makes their win % 64.88. 

Team Matches  Lost Won
Bangladesh 176 104 68
West Indies 202 101 88
Sri Lanka 192 100 86
Zimbabwe 145 95 47
Australia 195 83 105
New Zealand 220 92 111
Pakistan 244 93 141
Ireland 168 88 71
England 191 82 100
South Africa 183 76 103
India 225 68 146
Rwanda 77 53 21
United Arab Emirates 102 49 52
Afghanistan 137 50 84
Who has the most losses in T20 International?

Bangladesh has the most losses in T20 internationals, 103. 

Who has the most wins in T20I?

India has the most wins in T20I, 146. 

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