Police Conference- No All Clear Given 

The all clear has not been given for Barbadians to traverse outside. 

That was the statement given by Assistant Superintendent of Police Rodney Archer in a press conference earlier today. 

“The all clear has not been given,” Archer began “and therefore we require you (the general public) to stay indoors. We are still experiencing high gusts of wind in many areas and it is a danger to the public. I reiterate, until an official all clear has been given please stay off the roads and please stay in your homes.” 

Those found venturing outside in the Hurricane by the Barbados Police Service will be stopped and asked to present a reason for leaving their abode.  

Archer continued “The only persons who are to be on the road are the essential services who would be doing their assessments. All other persons should be asked to return to their dwellance.” 

There will not be an exception to this rule for owners seeking to clarify the state of their business. When asked about the possibility of allowing fisherfolk to head down to the fishering complexes to check on their boats, the Assistant Superintendent remained firm in his answer. 

“It is the livelihood of people and we do understand (the situation). However we are asking persons in circumstances where it is not an emergency to stay off the roads” he said. 

Archer told the media that there have been a number of reports of damage to properties as well as electrical challenges such as fallen poles and with it being wet outside, he believes this should be a further reason for people to stay inside to avoid potential disaster.  

Members of the Barbados Light and Power have been deployed across the island to assess those reported electrical challenges.  (JC)

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