WCC Cricket Blitz:Fast-paced explosive fun.

Over the years, Nextwave Multimedia has created innovative concepts that have delighted gamers. This time around, Nextwave has taken power-hitting to an all new level. WCC Cricket Blitz is a super-fast, explosive batting extravaganza where everything boils down to raw power.

There are 4 electrifying modes to choose from. Super Slog is a 20-over challenge where you simply slog your way to victory. Super Multiplayer is a free-for-all game where 5 players can compete with each other and prove who the best smasher of them all is. Super Chase is a fixed overs chase – so it’s all about tearing the bowler apart. SuperOver is a one over whack-and-win challenge in which you have to gather all your skills as a power-hitter.

WCC Cricket Blitz is a fast-paced, fun-filled and fabulously innovative game that is a boon for those who crave to unleash their power hitting skills. Are you ready to Blitz it away?

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