Who is India’s no. 1 captain?

                                Mahendra Singh Dhoni was great player of Indian cricket. He was played debut match in 2004 vs Bangladesh. He is the wicketkeeper batsman.Dhoni played remarkable innings against Pakistan.He scored  one fourty eight runs in this match.He sent a big message to Indian cricket fans. He was showed his talent in three formats of the game.His wicket keeping skills are tremdous.Indian team gave the chance captainship in T20I.He won the first ever T20 world cup for India in 2007.After he was changed to regular captain in three formats.He is the greatest  finisher in the world. He won the more matches for his finishing skills.His decisions making skills in the field is amazing. He is  the  India’s no.1 captain in cricket history.                             


                  MS DHONI was the good batsman in odi cricket. He was one of the most consistent batsman in the odI cricket.His batting average was above 50 in odi cricket.His batting style was unorthodox.He was mostly played as a middle order batsman.Dhoni was played in more tough situations in the match.He was faced a lot of quality bowling attacks.He created the more important batting partnerships and finished the match successfully.He was reached 10,000 runs in odi cricket.        

    MS DHONI THE CAPTAIN :                                               


              MS DHONI is very intelligent and successful captain.Ms Dhoni known for his cool mindset in tough situations.He is cool and composed person in cricket.
                He was took  the captainship in 2007.He won the odi world cup in 2011.He was the only captain won all icc trophies for india.His bowling changes and field positioning is different and his captainship style was totally different.He was good thinking captain.India won more the matches for his captainship.He is one of the greatest Indian captain in cricket history.


    MS DHONI THE WICKET KEEPER :                                                          

                   Mahendra Singh DHONI is the wonderful wicketkeeper in Indian cricket. He tooks the great catches in cricket history.Mostly he is not missed the catching chances.He creates the more records in wicket keeping.His stumpings is very quick and accurate.Mahendra Singh Dhoni reached the fifth most dismissals for his wicket keeping in test cricket. His wicketkeeping stats are given here


Matches          Innings        Catches     Stumpings

    90                     144                 256                  38



Matches          Innings       Catches       Stumpings

   350                   297                 321                 123

T20I :

Matches          Innings        Catches      Stumpings

   98                      85                     57                 34

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